Mar. 16th, 2013

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As part of their research into the Porter, Mordin Solus and Peter Parker have collaborated to develop a small sensor, intended to be attached to character communicators, that detects the Porter energy when an ImPort is returned to their home universe and transmits a notification to a computer. This allows people to know that the person has been returned home and not kidnapped or killed or anything else sinister. They look like small adhesive plastic discs about the size of a penny that stick well to communicator surfaces.

The sensor can be linked back to the communicator so that pre-arranged messages are sent to certain people upon Port-Out, if a character wants to make sure they don't leave without a goodbye. The sensors are distributed free of charge from Mordin and Peter's lab at the Global Dynamics company and are available for any ImPort who wants them. They generally work very well but sometimes malfunction due to the unpredictable nature of the Porter and Lachesis being a troll. If your character would ICly want a sensor but you would OOCly not want it to work for whatever purpose, it will be treated as a malfunction.

The list below is of characters the sensors have been distributed to. If your character has or is getting a sensor, please comment below using this textbox to have them added to the list!

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